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This is Lift Acro Evolution

Reach Higher Grow Stronger

What started off as a love for gymnastics and dance, Lift has quickly evolved into exploring all things circus.  

We believe that our recreational students should have the chance to discover their hidden talents and develop them to their full potential, build lasting friendships, and most of all have fun!

For more serious students, Lift has developed a comprehensive training program that carries the Cirquekidz brand.  

Our NEW Pembroke location is 213-B Pembroke Street West 

Lots of public parking available.  Our front door faces Agnes street.

Marie Crowe

Marie Crowe is the owner and lead instructor at Lift Acro Evolution.

A graduate of the National Circus School - Instructor in Circus Arts Program; she has spent countless hours studying the mechanics of acrobatics, tumbling, hand balancing, and more, as she strives to learn the most effective ways to strengthen students and prevent injury.  

Her certifications include:

- Acrobatic Arts M1 and Acro-Preschool

- Acrobatic Dance Teacher's Association Junior and Intermediate

-Aerial Dance Academy Hand-balancing Foundations and M1

-Progressing Ballet Technique fully certified

-Alixa Flexibility M1 and M2
-ADAPT TTS year 1

Marie has spent many years training recreational and competitive acrodancers, with placements and special awards at nationally recognized dance competitions, and is looking forward to Season 2 of Circus Training in the Ottawa Valley!


Dorian Pearce

Dorian has been teaching dance in Pembroke since 2016. In addition to teaching, he danced competitively for over 13 years. He has attended multiple competitions across Ontario and Quebec, bringing home many overalls, judges choice, high score awards and scholarships.

Since Dorian started dancing at the age of 4, he has completed multiple examinations in Ballet (RAD), Tap and Jazz (ADAPT). In 2014, he completed the ADAPT Assistant Teacher Program. In 2020, he completed the 3 year ADAPT Syllabus Teacher’s Training Program, Dorian is now a fully certified ADAPT dance teacher.

Dorian has a passion for dance and performing arts and sets a high standard for himself and his students, and continues to educate and upgrade his skills whenever possible. Many of his students have now completed their own examinations with high marks. Dorian hopes to continue teaching, training and performing in the dance world for many years to come.


Travis Pearson

Travis is joining us this season to share his passion for silks.  Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Travis spent many years training in Competitive Gymnastics and Coaching for our local clubs.

About Us: Meet the Company


Take your acrobatic and performance training to a whole new level and incorporate your skills in a performance piece.  Choreographers will work with individuals or groups at all levels
Please call to book
Quotations available upon request, prices vary by choreographer.


Allison Tari

ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, theatre, lyrical, modern

Allison has danced semi-professionally for 10 years in Vancouver (stage and screen) and has been a choreographer for 20+ years 
Happy to provide choreography in multiple performance styles
Has trained in Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, LA, Montreal, and Japan starting at the early age of 3 years!
Allison will also be providing a Masterclass series this season

About Us: Team Members
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