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All participants have been directed to this page via their registration form (You signed it)

  1. The 2024-25 Season runs 30 weeks from September 9th, 2024 until April 24th, 2025. Your monthly bill is an equal payment plan for those 30 weeks.

  2. Missed classes are non-refundable

  3. Changes to your training plan and/or cancellations must be received in writing ( 14 calendar days prior to your next bill in order to make adjustments. Any payments processed will not be refunded unless it is an error on our part.

  4. Your first payment to complete your registration is partially refundable up to one week before the start of our season (a $25 non refundable administrative fee is applied). Once classes have started no refunds will be issued.

  5. Students are responsible for coming prepared to their classes, including proper attire (please see Dress Code tab for details). Failure to comply will result in non-participation. This is in place for your child’s safety.

  6. Hair must be tied up and off the face for ALL classes

  7. No Jewellery is allowed, this includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and press on nails. Small stud earrings are permitted. (We find a lot of earrings on the floor - we suggest leaving those at home)

  8. For those participating in silks, please ensure finger and toenails are smooth and cut short. Silks are easily torn.

  9. Cover open wounds including scabs with band aids or clothing as not to transfer bodily fluids. Yes your child picks their scabs at the studio - please check this.

  10. Chewing gum is not permitted

  11. Only well sealed water bottles with WATER are allowed in the studio - no juice or Gatorade.

  12. Any intentional damage to the equipment or the facility caused by you or your child is subject to be billed at the current replacement cost of the item.

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